With many years of development, Skuny has reached the international advanced level especially in quality control. From material identification to analysis, method validation to establishment of standard, Skuny can fully meet every country such as China, America, Europe, Japan on health products, cosmetics and other products quality inspection and control requirements of the declaration, meanwhile, providing the following services for domestic and foreign customers

    ·Analytical Method Development & Validation
    ·Impurity Identification and Profiling
    ·Analytics / In-Process Control  

The MSET? technology invented by Skuny has a unique advantage on improving product quality and reducing product cost especially oil substances. This technology can realize the product quality and cost technical indicators as follows:

Technology advantageMSET?MDHPLC/SFERemark
Quality improvementPurityAchieve monomer purity more than 97%, two substances content more than 98%Can’t achieve monomer separation, two substances content no more than 60%Achieve monomer purity more than 97%, but can't achieve two substances content more than 98%

ImpurityFew or no impurityMany impuritiesSome impurities can’t be separated
Cost reductionReduce more than 10% compared with other technology IrreducibleHigh

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